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Learning Labs is a team of former teachers, linguists, techies and professionals exploring how the latest technology can make language more accessible to every student. 

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Hundreds of thousands of language learners around the world use the FlashAcademy® app to develop their foreign language skills. The app incorporates a unique combination of lessons, games and adaptive technology to engage learners through to effective results.

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A language school in your pocket.

FlashAcademy® is changing the way we learn languages. The unique and proven combination of lessons, games, flashcards, tutor videos and object translator are supporting more people to reach fluency all the time.

Say goodbye to lengthy grammar drills or boring vocab sheets - with FlashAcademy® you can learn a language in just a few minutes each day!

A few of our partners

Schools all over the UK are using FlashAcademy® to accelerate progress for EAL and MFL. Working with schools we have specifically adapted the platform to address the key challenges of educators and improve outcomes for pupils of all ages.


Our comprehensive teacher dashboard provides clear monitoring and provides a range of additional language learning resources. You can find free EAL resources and animated grammar videos on the FlashAcademy® website.



What people think of FlashAcademy®

"At Shireland we seek out the very best resources for our students. We’re excited that our students are using FlashSticks® and FlashAcademy® both inside and outside the classroom to develop their German Skills."

Sir Mark Grundy - Shireland Academy

About us

We’re a UK Science Park team committed to making language learning amazing!

Days (and often nights) at Learning Labs are spent obsessing over how to improve language learning. Veejay and Richard originally founded Learning Labs with the invention of FlashSticks® language sticky notes, now sold all over the world. The FlashAcademy® platform was then developed in close collaboration with schools, to better support MFL and EAL needs.

Every part of the FlashAcademy® platform is designed and built in-house by our design and development team, making us agile enough to be able to adapt and improve quickly. Our content team are constantly generating new language translations and challenges to improve language learning.

Our education team work closely with schools to ensure they have the best possible experience with FlashAcademy® and relay new ideas back to the team, so we can continue to improve the platform for all users.

What people think of FlashSticks®

"The first aspect that caught my attention was the colour coding - what a fantastic way of remembering gender. I see enormous opportunities for the product inside & outside of the classroom. An excellent kinaesthetic way of learning that is sure to stick in the head of users."

Mary Boucheny - University of Birmingham

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